Lite 5.4.0 for Android Device!!


The CHIP editorial says The free Android app lets you record short lip sync music videos to familiar songs. In the app hit Dubsmash you could resynchronize known film quotes with your own lips. A similar concept now pursues the Android app Lite, around which a real hype has broken out in the US. Here you can deposit excerpts from known songs with a maximum length of 15 seconds with your own videos. Dubsmash concept for music videos Unlike Dubsmash, which was designed to share content via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, also has its own social network, which now has millions of users to share your video clips. Therefore, you must register before using the app with Facebook, Twitter or your e-mail address. Your lip sync videos can provide you with different filters and

effects to make them more interesting and catching the eye. Conclusion: extends the concept of Dubsmash to short music videos. Whether the great hype about the app from the US also comes to Germany remains to be seen. Note: This application requires Android OS 4.1 or higher. The download button takes you to the Google Play store where you can install the software. Lite Apk Features:

  • Shoot, spare and offer short recordings
  • Alter recordings with inventive impacts and channels
  • Moderate movement, time slip by highlights
  • Find energizing new music
  • Record and transfer your own unique sound clasps on the web
  • Associate with other with companions
  • Offer recordings straightforwardly to Facebook, Instagram, and so forth
  • Spare recordings secretly

Along these lines, you can see now that it is greatly improved to utilize Musically Lite APK for your Android. We will rapidly twist up this article. We will continue posting more stuff with respect to Musically App.