Download Xender App For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7


Xender is one of the popular sharing and file transfer app which developed in the year 2013. Since then, it has gained around 330 million numbers of users from around the world. India alone is having around 110 million numbers of users. This company has already predicted to gain more number of users in future as they are about to come up with their new version, that will include all new features as well as the better user experience for each and every user. Without any doubt, this app comes with user-friendly interface and known as hassle free app.

Features of Xender App

As already stated, this app is comprehensive enough for all file sharing needs. It allows all the users to share all types of files, at all times, without any usage of mobile data too. it supports well the iOS, android, windows, Mac/PC which is a cross platform that transfers around 200 times of Bluetooth transfer speed. It is also the one that supports around 22 languages that includes Bengali, Malay, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and importantly English language. Its new version is having added benefit for all the Indian users with around added 12 more dialect Indians.

The Xender app Download being the file sharing platform has maintained well the leading position as world’s fastest and convenient mobile sharing tool at zero cost. It offers well the seamless transmission between the Apple MAC, windows PC, windows mobile and more. Its new version has also been reduced to around 4.5 M that gets compressed further in absence of Wi-Fi. Its sharing allows convenience and rapid results. Xender don’t even ask for any PC software installation or USB connection. It can be well used for transferring the files anytime, anywhere from music, docs, pictures, apps or other file types of unlimited number of file size.

Backup copy

The Xender app also allows every user to move, view or even delete the received files and can also make easy backup copy of the same whenever required or while cleaning phone storage. You are also allowed to switch the mobile data as contacts, music, videos, SMS or more from old phones to new one simply. It satisfies well all the operating need with the functions related to transferring of files as opening, deleting, uninstalling or viewing. Now when you are in need to transfer the files between phones, PC or others, Try this app and experience well the fastest all-in-one transfer or sharing app.

This app can send almost everything what you want in instant click. Besides sharing and transferring files between the iOs devices, it also allows sharing between iOS to other devices. Forget about the data cables, slow transferring apps or Bluetooth, you just need to download the best app call as Xender today and see the fun. You will be truly glad with all its features that are simply secured, safe, easy and best in usage. Enjoy its features on all your devices.